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Growing Cloud Computing Market in Latin America - Cloud to grow at 26.1% CAGR by 2018

An influx of various telecommunication companies has been witnessed by the Latin America’s cloud computing market. The necessary infrastructure which is required for cloud computing companies to enter the market. Companies have also invested a large amount of money to provide cloud billing solutions to service providers. Being a telecommunication company, SURE! provides service operators various solutions that can help them attract the attention of prospective buyers towards their business.


According to the analysts, it has been forecasted that the Latin America’s cloud computing market is believed to grow at CAGR of 26.1% in the time period that ranges from 2013 to 2018. The market’s growth depends on a large number of factors, one of which is the increase in the adoption of solutions based on cloud billing. Service providers choose SMEs to achieve operational efficiencies and to deliver great services to their clients.


In simple terms, cloud computing can be defined as the use of different computing resources which are delivered directly to the clients based on internet technologies. When a service provider chooses a cloud base model to provide his services, it means that he is moving away from the traditional models towards an operating model. The cloud computing services are offered through 3 main models, including:

  • SaaS
  • IaaS
  • PaaS

In the SaaS model database, software applications or other important data is made available to the client base through internet while IaaS provide computing infrastructures through internet technologies. PaaS can be defined as a delivery of computing platform. In the region of Latin America, cloud computing is witnessing highest growth as compared to various other regions.


SaaS is a low cost model that helps clients to focus on their business. In addition, this application supports a vast range of customers and is showing consistent growth since 2013. As the customers are always discerning and demanding. They would want the service provider to give them a trial of an application before buying it. They would also ask you questions about the usage-based billing or other offers that are available with flexible pricing. Therefore if, as a service provider, you want to succeed in the market, it is important to offer prompt and reliable services to your customers. The management project and reporting modules must compliment the strengths of your company rather that than highlighting the weaknesses.


With SURE!, service providers and operators can avail various kinds of telecommunication services. Cloud billing has made it easier for them to be readily available at different locations and has also made it easier for the customers to access them with the help of multiple devices. theSURE! provides various operators the robust and agile platform which is required by service providers to serve their subscribers with the best in class industry services. They (SURE! – a Magnaquest product) are the fastest growing and recognized subscription management platform for various cloud players as we serve players ranging from small and medium scale to large scale corporations.

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